Tioga Downs and Vernon Downs donate $200,000 for hurricane relief

The Daily Review

Chairman of American Racing and Entertainment Jeff Gural, Tioga Downs Casino, and Vernon Downs Casino and Hotel are pleased to announce that they are donating $200,000 to the American Red Cross in aid of victims of Hurricane Sandy in New York City.

Between Sunday, Nov. 11 and Sunday, Nov. 18, patrons who donated $5 Sunday through Thursday, and those who donated $10 on Friday and Saturday, received a free buffet in Tioga Downs’ County Fair Buffet. Patrons were also encouraged to donate additional funds above $5 and $10, with the total amount generously matched by Jeff Gural.

Through these means, as well as with donations from employees, Tioga Downs donated $31,000 and Vernon Downs amassed a total of $28,000. These amounts, with the help of Jeff Gural’s matching and personal donations, met the combined donation goal of $200,000.

According to Gural, “Our areas know what it’s like to deal with the aftermath of a flood, which is evident by the generosity of our patrons in showing their support for Hurricane Sandy victims.”

In addition, Meadowlands Racetrack and Gural are donating $250,000 to the American Red Cross to assist with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in New Jersey.