Tax Dollars Generated by NYGA Members Continue to Climb

New York Sees 6.2% Increase in Tax Contributions over July 2012

(Albany, NY) The New York Gaming Association reported today that July gross gaming revenue from its nine members was $166,258,506 with $111,743,723 of tax revenue going to the State.

That amount was 5.4% higher than revenue generated in July 2012 when revenue hit $157,767,792. Taxes generated by NYGA members for the State in July of 2012 totaled $105,265,074. One year later, NYGA members increased that number by 6.2%.

For the month of July, nearly $75 million went to education; over $20 million went to the racing and breeding industry and more than $16 million to support the lottery’s video gaming operations.

July Totals

New York Jul-13 Jul-12 Difference % Change
Gross Gaming Revenue 166,258,506 157,767,792 8,490,714 5.4%
Total Tax 111,743,723 105,265,074 6,478,649 6.2%

July NYS Distributions

Distribution Jul-13 Jul-12 Difference % Change
Education 74,938,362 71,022,542 3,915,820 5.5%
Racing and Breeding 20,179,510 18,465,753 1,713,757 9.3%
VLT Lottery Program 16,625,851 15,776,779 849,072 5.4%

To date in 2013, NYGA members have generated over $520 million for education and over $138 million for the racing and breeding industry.