The Daily News

The next phase of updates to Batavia Downs will begin early next month, just weeks after the Western Regional OTB unveiled a new gaming and entertainment floor.

Bids for general construction, HVAC, electrical/fire alarms, plumbing and fire protection have been posted by WROTB, with construction to begin immediately after the Nov. 6 bid opening.

The work is considered by WROTB as Phase 7 of the Downs’ capital expansion project. According to WROTB President Michael Kane, the project builds on the recently completed gaming floor by re-opening a larger Paddock Room and updating the atrium that leads into the Downs’ casino section.

“It’s all about the wow factor,” Kane said of the Paddock Room and atrium upgrades. “We expect to add more machines and open up the space.”

The Paddock Room, hemmed in by a construction storage area this summer, will have space for 800 patrons. Kane said the increased size will attract more functions to the Downs, which he believes will benefit WROTB’s racing and gaming operations.

The next phase of construction will also include leveling the Downs’ main entrance with street level and adding a small dining area to the racetrack grandstand.

WROTB’s offices, currently spread between the facility’s two floors, will be fully moved upstairs. A new elevator, located just east of the current entrance, will also be installed as part of the project.