“It’ll look like a real casino,” said Tom Balk, director of Buildings and Grounds, speaking about the big changes being made to the Batavia Downs Casino.

The Batavia Downs Casino opened in May of 2005 and is changing its look completely. Located on the second floor inside the old race track, casino officials felt it was necessary to move the slot machines down to the first floor. They will also be adding more than 140 new machines.

The decor will also become more modernized, including a fountain in the lobby and a new football theme restaurant.

“During the week, it’s anywhere between 1,000 to 1,500 will pass through the doors, but on the weekend, something like 3,500. On a day when we give away a car, there will be 4,500 to 5,000 people during the day,” said Ryan Hasenauer, Director of Marketing.

By bringing the slots downstairs, Hasenauer felt it would make it easier for those with limited mobility. People will also be able to enjoy a new sports bar named after Thurman Thomas, known as 34 Rush.

“It will have a football bar in the middle. It will have all kinds of memorabilia from Thurman’s playing days. It will have lots and lots of TVs, and one big screen TV. There will be a stage in there for live entertainment,” said Hasenauer.

The casino recently added a smoking room in February of 2012 and will continue to phase in these new changes over the next several years.

Officials say what is now known as the grandstand restaurant will most likely become a banquet room. The second floor, currently filled with slots will be the new home for the casinos off track betting site.

Hasenauer says everything will be complete by the end of 2015.