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Big changes are under way at the Finger Lakes Casino and Race Track and casino officials say it will bring an economic boost to the area.

Construction for the 12-million dollar project is well into its first week. Nearly 33,000 square feet will be added to the facility, making it the largest expansion project since 2004.

There will be more gaming machines and a new restaurant. There will be more jobs and more money for our area.

This is a small portion of the $80 million plan the casino proposed last year, but still casino officials say the $12 million investment will go a long way and they consider it a step in the right direction.

The plans includes more than 350 brand new machines and a new restaurant and bar, but what really caught our attention was the economic boost it is expected to bring to the area. The new project will add 75 jobs.

Casino officials say the facility has generated $430 million for the state education fund, $120 million more to the state economy and $45 million to our local economy.

News10NBC’s Joangel Concepcion said, “The $120 million annually. Can you say where that goes locally?”

Steve Martin, Finger Lakes Casino Sr. Director of Marketing, said,
“Well it’s estimated at a $45 million impact just locally within this region. The remainder of that is more of a state and regional impact. So it’s a substantial impact when you look at it.”

Don Bombace, Mixers owner, said, “I’m looking forward to the casino expanding and it’s new construction. Anytime a business grows that they are planning on growing, it’s good for the whole community.”

Victor Town Supervisor Jack Marren said about the economic impact, “
Any time there is additional tourist attraction to our area, in addition to just going to the casino, there are tendencies for people to shop,eat and pump gasoline in our area. Collectively there is no question that victor and the entire county has felt the impact of the casino.”

This project is set for completion in November, but if they are awarded a license to offer full casino gaming either this year or next, they will certainly continue to expand and that is expected to bring even more money and jobs to the region.