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Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway produced nearly a half billion dollars in economic activity and $374 million in revenue for state and local governments in 2012 while supporting nearly 4,000 jobs locally and across the state, according to a new report.

The report by the New York Gaming Association (NYGA) highlights the Yonkers facility as one of the most successful racetracks and casinos in the country attracting more than 8 million visitors last year. The casino, which is nearing completion of a $50 million expansion, expects bigger and better things for its patrons and supporters in 2013.

“We’re proud to do our part as an employer and economic asset to our community, state and region and we especially appreciate the loyal support of our patrons,” said Timothy J. Rooney Jr., General Counsel at Empire City. “We’re also very excited by the new dining and other offerings that will be available in the coming months to enhance our racing and gaming opportunities and attract even more visitors to our facility.”

According to the NYGA report, Empire City employed nearly 1,200 people as of December 2012, 79 percent of whom worked full-time, and 97 percent of who were New York State residents. Wages and salaries paid totaled more than $42.8 million. Employees who worked full-time earned an average of $41,635.

Purchases of goods and services (including construction) from New York State suppliers and contractors totaled more than $74.3 million in 2012, directly supporting 333 full-time-equivalent (FTE) jobs with these businesses, with nearly $25.6 million in wages.

The report said that by using a multiplier effect, Empire City’s spending in 2012 on payroll, purchasing and construction indirectly supported 573 additional jobs with New York businesses, with wages totaling nearly $34.0 million and increased New York’s economic output by $88.6 million.

Attendance at Empire City in 2012 totaled more than 8 million, including about 1.2 million visits by people who were not New York State residents. The report estimated that off-site spending by these out-of-state visitors directly and indirectly generated $68.8 million in statewide economic output and 567 FTE jobs, with wages and salaries totaling $22.5 million.

Empire City also provided nearly $54.5 million in support for New York State’s racing and breeding industries, directly and indirectly generating $112.6 million in statewide economic output and 1,370 FTE jobs, with wages and salaries totaling $52.7 million.

In 2012 Empire City paid almost $331.2 million (61 percent of its gross gaming revenues) to New York State, including more than $276.7 million in support for education. Empire City’s casino operations, its support for racing and breeding and offsite visitor spending directly and indirectly generated $13.1 million in New York State income, sales and business taxes and $29.5 million in aid to municipalities and in local property, sales and income taxes.

In total, Empire City provided 3,969 jobs, $178 million in wages, $270 million in economic output and nearly $374 million in state and local revenues in 2012.