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On Nov. 5 (on the reverse of the voting ballot), there will be Proposal No. 1 in the upper left hand corner that would allow casino gaming in New York and potentially affect Tioga Downs and Tioga County. According to Chairman of the Tioga County Legislature Dale Weston, voting yes on this proposal to amend the New York State Constitution to permit gaming resorts could create additional revenue that will provide tax relief for local governments and school districts.

Martha Sauerbrey, CEO and president of the Tioga County Chamber of Commerce, expressed her support for the Governor’s proposal that would allow gaming in New York

“I fully support Governor Cuomo’s plan to promote further economic development in Upstate New York through casino gaming. Under the Governor’s plan, Tioga County stands to gain over $664,000 on an annual basis – not to mention more than one million dollars that would go our school districts every year.” She continued, “This is a common-sense approach utilizing an asset that New York already has, but has not been capitalizing on. I encourage voters to join me in supporting the casino gaming referendum on Nov. 5.”

According to the New York State Division of Budget, the minimum estimated fiscal impact could result in a $1,668,414.00 dollar windfall for Tioga County. If Tioga County is fortunate enough to become the host county for the casino, they could potentially be in line for a $4,700,000.00 million dollar yearly gain, Weston added upon this announcement.

Tioga Downs Casino, located on River Road in Nichols, N.Y., currently offers casino games, as well as harness racing during the summer months. To learn more, visit