Paramedics in Tioga Center unveiled their newest piece of equipment Monday morning. Tioga Center EMS is now equipped with a power lift that will make their job easier. The equipment donation came from a well-known local businessman.

As Tioga Downs grows, so does the community around it. That was the message, owner Tioga Downs Jeff Gural told me as he saw his donation come to life. Gural donated $16,400 for the Tioga Center EMS to purchase a power lift cot. The cot will allow first responders to lift individuals with the touch of a button, instead of with their body. They say the weight of many individuals makes this a safety issues for the person being moved and also the volunteers who serve. Tioga Center EMS is present at Tioga Downs during concerts, races and other events to provide emergency medical treatment, if necessary.

“We really rely on these guys. Not only for our customers but for the people who drive the horses. And for big events,” said Tioga Downs owner, Jeff Gural. Gural’s donation was key, as the volunteer department had only raised $2000 in their goal for a new lift.

“It takes us a long time to do this and without these donations from Mr. Jeff Gural, we would still be manually lifting people,” said Tioga Center EMS squad captain, Art Mayor. Tioga Center EMS have been using the lifts for almost a year now.

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