Memorandum of Support S.3103/ A.0590

The New York Gaming Association advocates for video gaming licensees and commercial casinos located across the state. The association works in partnership with state government on long term strategies to generate financial support for education, aid to local governments, spur job creation and support New York’s historic racing and breeding industries as well as the gaming industry.

Our members employ over 6,800 people, a mix of union and management professionals, across this great state. Our properties have generated in excess of $9.2 billion in revenue for education, support local government through aid, taxes and direct payments and support and support the racing and breeding industries that account for thousands of more jobs in New York State.

The members of the New York Gaming Association strongly support Senate bill S3103 and Assembly bill A0590 that create a problem gambling advisory council that will assist in addressing the prevention and treatment of problem gambling and support responsible gaming practices in New York State.

The members of the New York Gaming Association are committed to providing comprehensive gambling services by making available education, information, assistance and resources concerning responsible gaming. It is important that the most effective and efficient methods for promoting awareness and treating problem gambling are identified and practiced. These bills will create a body that will assist in achieving that goal.

The members of the New York Gaming Association feel that it is important that the problem gaming advisory council include a member from the gaming industry to provide necessary insight from an operational perspective. We encourage you to address this need within the bills’ language.

In conclusion, the members of the New York Gaming Association respectfully request your approval of this legislation.