10/26/16 – Mid-Hudson News

Patrons of Monticello Raceway have a new option for playing the ponies at that track, or any other in North America.

Monticello Casino and Raceway unveiled a simulcast room on Wednesday. The room, just off the gaming floor, is somewhat circular with several monitors on the wall, and lunchroom-style tables.

Executive Director of Racing and Facilities Shawn Wiles said the intent is to give patrons of the raceway, and the casino, a new opportunity.

“We just wanted to offer the racing patron a state-of-the-art facility, where it was upstairs, it was disjointed from the rest of the building, so we wanted to assimilate everything into one smooth operation,” Wiles said.

Raceway patrons who choose to come downstairs can also visit the buffet and larger, more modern restrooms.