New York Gaming Association: Good for Education, Good for New York

$667 Million – Enough for Nearly 10,000 Teachers – Generated in 2011

(Albany, NY) – The nine racetracks that make up the New York Gaming Association (NYGA) have generated $3.15 billion for education since 2004 – including nearly $667 million in 2011 – according to data available on the New York Division of the Lottery’s website. As part of the initial legislation that authorized video lottery gaming, NYGA members give approximately 47 percent of their net win to fund New York’s education system. Based on this extraordinary record of accomplishment, NYGA is launching a new public information campaign to remind New Yorkers of the significant benefits gaming provides to the state’s public education system while easing the burden on property taxpayers, in addition to creating jobs and generating revenue for local governments.

As part of this effort to show the public NYGA’s positive impact on education and the economy, the New York Gaming Association has produced two public service announcements publicizing their contributions to New York.

“Our members are proud of our proven record of job creation and of the amount of money we are able to generate for education, each year,” James Featherstonhaugh, President of the New York Gaming Association said. “Our racetrack casinos have provided entertainment and positively contributed to communities across the state for generations. Releasing these public service announcements reminds New Yorkers that our facilities ease the burden on local property taxes and are an important part of the fiscal equation that our economy depends on.”

The radio spots will air across the state, including New York City, Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, Nassau-Suffolk, Rochester, Syracuse, Poughkeepsie, Utica-Rome and Watertown. Transcripts of the radio spots are below and audio is available at

In addition to the radio advertising, NYGA will begin a series of internet advertisements to highlight the benefits of gaming for New York.

In 2011-2012, revenue generated by NYGA members for education was equivalent to the annual salaries of more than 9,500 teachers. In addition to the approximately 47 percent of net win Gaming Association members give to fund education, ten percent of that net win is given to the racing and breeding industry. In fiscal year 2011-2012 NYGA members generated over $135 million for the racing and breeding industry – generating over $624 million in aid since 2004.

NYGA also supports the state and the communities in which their racetrack casinos are located. In the same fiscal year (2011-2012), NYGA members have generated approximately $26 million in aid to struggling local governments, generating over $145 billion in local government aid since 2004.

Radio Transcripts:


SFX: Starting bell at a horserace. Horses gallop, track announcer fades up and out.

VO: Hear that? It’s the sound that starts every horserace.

SFX: School bell rings; kids clamor in the school halls.

VO: And that? It starts another day of school.

They’re not so different, really.

Because New York’s nine racetrack casinos not only create jobs and generate millions of dollars every year to local governments

They’re also a reliable source of funding for New York schools, taking pressure off local property taxes.

Together, they raised almost $700 million dollars for education last year. That’s equivalent to over 9,000 new teachers’ salaries.

And if full gaming is authorized at New York’s nine racetrack casinos, they would raise nearly 1.3 billion dollars a year for education, enough to pay the salaries of 18,000 new teachers all across New York.

So when you hear:

SFX: Racetrack’s starting bell.

VO: Think:

SFX: School bell.

VO: New York’s nine racetrack casinos.

A jackpot for New York schools.

Paid for by the New York Gaming Association.

“A Lot”

WOMAN: What if there was a way to raise more than 1.3 billion dollars a year for New York schools… without touching property taxes?

MAN: I’d support that in a New York minute.

WOMAN: That’s what we could do by authorizing full gaming at New York’s nine racetrack casinos.

MAN: I don’t believe it.

WOMAN: Believe it. They are mandated to contribute 47 percent of their net earnings to the education system. And last year, they contributed almost 700 million dollars to our schools.

MAN: That’s a lot of money.

WOMAN: Enough to pay the salaries of almost ten thousand new teachers. And with full casino gaming, they’d fund the equivalent of 18,000 more teachers’ salaries.

MAN: That’s a lot of teachers.

WOMAN: And New York could use every one. But that’s not all. Besides reliable funding for our schools, racetrack casinos create jobs all across the state. And generate tens of millions of dollars every year to local governments.

MAN: Racetrack casinos sound like a winning proposition for everyone.

WOMAN: And they’re a jackpot for New York schools.

ANNCR: Paid for by the New York Gaming Association.

The New York Gaming Association advocates for, and advances the interests of the state’s nine racetrack casinos, located at harness and thoroughbred racing venues in all four corners of New York. The Association works in partnership with state government on long-term strategies to financially bolster education, create jobs, support agriculture, horse racing and breeding; and maximize economic revenues to the state that will benefit all New Yorkers.