The New York Gaming Association welcomes Governor Cuomo’s support for legalizing casino gaming in New York State.

Enhanced casino gaming offers our state the promise of enormous economic benefits, including the creation of more than 25,000 new jobs; the return of $3 billion to $5 billion currently spent each year by New Yorkers at casinos located elsewhere; and massive private sector investment.

But appropriate constraints are necessary to ensure that New Yorkers realize the benefits of gaming, while limiting the risks inherent in unrestricted gambling. New York’s nine racetrack casinos have already shown that casino gaming can be implemented in an economically sensible and socially responsible manner.

By permitting enhanced gaming at the state’s nine existing racetrack casinos, New York can build upon our hugely successful public-private partnership; continue to generate hundreds of millions of dollars for education, agriculture and the equine industry; and ensure that the economic benefits of gaming are shared across the state.