June 10th, 2015

Tioga Central school officials and students are thanking a community member for a generous donation to their district.

Wednesday, owner and CEO of Tioga Downs Casino Jeff Gural announced he would make a nearly $300,000 donation to the district. This after voters rejected a budget in may that called for a 30 percent tax hike. Voters will head to the polls again on a revised budget which calls for a tax increase of just over 17 percent. This donation will help lessen projected cuts to athletics, arts and after school programming.

Superintendent Scot Taylor said, “Its going to impact hundreds of kids over the next few years. The fact that a gentleman is going to come forward
and make that kind of generous donations its you know it makes you feel good you know, that there’s people out there  willing to do that to help kids.”

The superintendent also stressed his gratitude for Gural’s generosity after Gural helped fund new playground building for their elementary school last year.
Voting on the district’s budget will be Tuesday, June 16th.