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Tioga Downs Casino and the New York Gaming Association (NYGA) support more than 40,000 jobs across New York State – including 5,500 direct employees and an additional 35,000 jobs in the agribusiness industry – and together added jobs in the past 12 months despite the sluggish economy. A new statewide ad campaign launched recently highlights Tioga Downs Casino and NYGA’s considerable track record of providing New Yorkers with good paying and reliable jobs, as well as the payments NYGA makes to New York’s education, which will be equivalent to 13,000 teaching positions in 2013.

Tioga Downs Casino is already one of the region’s leading employers, with nearly 300 workers. Today, many of the region’s labor and business leaders publicly joined Tioga Downs Casino in supporting these efforts.

“Since the arrival of Tioga Downs Casino not only have over 300 new jobs been created, new markets have been established to help bolster agribusiness in Tioga County and surrounding areas. Tioga Downs also provides an outstanding venue offering entertainment and opportunity for its visitors,” said Tioga County Chamber of Commerce President Martha Sauerbrey. “An unexpected blessing has been from the strong level of community support coming out of the Tioga Downs organization. The attitude of the leadership and the employees of Tioga Downs is one of generosity. In the recent devastating flood of 2011, Tioga Downs came to the aid of the community with manpower, food and finances. Tioga Downs has been a significant supporter of local community activities as well as contributing significantly to New York State education.”

“The New Yorkers who work at Tioga Downs Casino have more than just good jobs; they have the ability to start a career in this industry, with excellent benefits and a reliable income to provide for their families,” said James Featherstonhaugh, president of the New York Gaming Association. “We are incredibly proud of that, and all New Yorkers should know that our all of NYGA’s facilities are more than just the entertainment they provide. As New York continues its recovery, we will continue to be a partner in the economy and for education.”

New York’s racetrack casinos are some of the leading employers in their regions, providing steady and reliable employment that includes health, dental, retirement benefits. The nine racetracks that make up the Association employ more than 5,500 New Yorkers. Indirectly, NYGA’s substantial support of New York’s racing industry helps to maintain an additional 35,000 jobs in the state, including jobs in agribusinesses like family farmers and veterinarians.

NYGA members have also contributed $3.4 billion to education since 2004 – including more than $575 million so far in 2012, according to data on the New York Division of the Lottery’s website – enough to fund the annual salaries of approximately 12,400 teachers.

The new radio ad campaign will be launched in eight markets, including the Southern Tier, New York City, Albany, Buffalo, and Rochester.